What Videographers Can Learn from Photographers

What Videographers Can Learn from Photographers


Wedding photographers and videographers are typically the center of a love/hate partnership. Probably it’s their capturing way of thinking, ego, or company interests. As a videographer, I find this unfavorable since photography is an extremely powerful medium that can be utilized for video production. Some of my finest work comes from a mix of pictures and video. As a matter of fact, I don’t need to be a phenomenal photographer to devise a great edit.

An excellent wedding video incorporates a compelling and entertaining story. After all, this is why they hired me. Photos are an extremely powerful device for a properly edited video.
Recently, I videoed a bridal shower for a dear friend.  I could’ve taken the easy way and layered down a track of songs and some easy editing. No thanks.

While I was shooting, I gathered a lot of her closest friends/family as possible and sat them down for fast interviews. This was all component of my plan for producing a skillful edit. As soon as I had everything digitized, it was time to get to work. First, I carefully chose music that fit her individuality without controlling my sound tracks. Focus is needed so that your music choices don’t overpower your voiceovers or your resulting mix will sound mushy.

For the opening of my video, I started with broad angle set up shot. As I transitioned into the initial interview, I moved to photos that illustrate exactly what my subject was speaking about. Simply put, the photographs coincided with the context of the interview. This produces a smooth edit that is systematic, yet emotional and fascinating. Most notably, my subject is attained and we’ve produced a great video.

This strategy is usually seen in docudramas and is an established type of filming. Now, I could had actually reduced to b-roll video footage. Nevertheless, for weddings, there is nothing more enchanting than taking a look at an excellent picture. For the videographer, pictures are a terrific tool to contribute to your editing and production toolbox.

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