Tricks to Creating a Great Wedding Video

Tricks to Creating a Great Wedding Video

If you have been hired to produce a wedding and reception, it could be a truly fun task. It’s not just a lot of laughs and fun, it is actually pleasing to know that the video you are creating will become part of a household event of these people for 10 years to come.

The very first step actually happens long before you get to the church, which is a thorough equipment inventory. Check and double check your tools and after that, examine them once more. It cannot harm to be a little bit compulsive concerning this. Likewise, inspect that of your items are new, in good shape, and you have back ups of batteries, bulbs, tapes, or whatever tape-recording media you are utilizing. If you recognize your devices are in good condition, you could walk in there like the professional you are.

Next off, be early and well prepared. As a matter of fact, it can’t harm to scope out the church and reception venue to inspect the lighting and do some planning on where you can get your best video from. If Martin Scorsese can pre-plan all of his shoots, so can you.

Also, make sure everyone knows who you are. Meet the new bride, groom, and the wedding party close to the wedding date.  If there is security, be sure they recognize who you are as well. If there is a requirement for passes or badges of any type, make sure you have them well in advance of the wedding.



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