How to Convert Your Wedding Video to DVD

How to Convert Your Wedding Video to DVD

The process of transforming your wedding video to DVD is not complicated, however to do it on your own, you will need some unique equipment. Clearly you’ll require a DVD recording tool and a way for your VCR to link to it. If you have a DVD burner on your computer, you’re midway there. You will additionally need a way for your VCR to user interface with your computer. A lot of computers do not come shipped with a means to do this. You should mount a TV card on your computer that has inputs that match your VCR’s outputs. Many TV cards do have both RF and A/V inputs.

Next, you should videotape the wedding video into the computer system’s disk drive. You might need a new software program to do this if your TV card really did not had any bundled. Sony’s Vegas Video clip is a great one, yet there are a variety of others readily available. Bear in mind that the video will certainly occupy a lot of drive space. In order for the video to be put on DVD, it will certainly need to be in an MPEG format. Your video recording software should have the ability to save it in this manner.

When that is done, it’s just an issue of using your DVD burning software to transfer the video into a DVD disc that you can view on any type of DVD player.

If you do not have or can’t pay for the equipment and software, don’t fret. There are businesses that can remove all of the inconvenience and transfer your wedding videos to DVD for you, for a cost.

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